Forms and Releases

Shortcut to the release form for the
"Catch-22 / VVC Concert. Volume 1"

We have been to Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia and Victorville. We have collected the required applications and basic information to set up shows.

Most cities call these forms "Event Permits" but I have found that most city clerks want more information when you ask for the forms. Many people at the city think you want to set up something like Circus Vargus when you ask for an Event Permit. They are usually very helpfull and they just want to make sure you are getting all the correct forms and applications for what you are planning to do. Be ready with a clear explaination of what you are planning. Set their fears or assumption to rest but be honest and accurate. If you expect 50 people or 5,000 people, say so. Being dishonest to get a permit is a sure way of getting shut down and likely to never get another permit.

Insurance is a big deal and most times it is required before any permits will be issued to use public or government places. If you are using someone elses property be prepared to provide insurance to cover them too. Private parties and events rarely ask for insurance but, it is still a good idea to protect yourself and your equipment.


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We are offering to hang a 2ft X 3ft banner with your information at each of our shows through the summer 2011 call for details.

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