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Annual YEAR END appeal for donations

Just a quick note to thank everyone that helped us make 2018 a successful year. We played a lot of shows, gave away some much needed equipment and made some important friends in important places (read as opportunities for future events). We also want to remind everyone that any donations made to Catch 22 Productions is a tax deductible contribution. We need many things not just money. We know money is hard to part with right now but we can still use musical equipment, speakers, amps, lighting, cabling, mixers, computers, sound and light software... The list goes on and on. Basically we could use anything. Even if it is just something we could use in negotiations for other things.


About Catch 22

Catch 22 Productions formed to help local bands gain exposure while learning what is required and expected from local venues. Helping bands prepare a media kit, insurance releases, creating their first demo and presenting more places to perform are a few of the services we provide. The community gains a single contact for a wider selection of talent and at the same time gives an opportunity to local bands. Catch 22 Productions does this free of any charge to the bands though sponsorships and donations.

We are not a talent agency
or management company.

The days of playing local clubs for tips and exposure are gone. Now club owners and managers require you to bring a crowd with you. What do you do when clubs won't book your band because you don't have a lot of fans, and you can't get fans because you can't play clubs? Join Catch 22 Productions. It is free!

We are compiling a database of local bands by what genre of music they play, how much experience they have and what they hope to accomplish. Also included are age group, equipment used or needed, vocal styles and target audiences. We use this to promote the bands and find opportunities for them to perform.

Since our aim is to set up free shows, we notify a mailing list of people and groups when a local band performs so they can come out to watch, listen and be entertained, free. This helps local bands with no following get practice performing in front of a group, without having to try to sell admission to people that have never heard them play before.

When Catch 22 Productions sets up a gig for one or more of our bands we provide everything needed. We make all the arrangements, organize, and schedule appearances. We can provide the stage, lighting, power, agreements, releases, miscellaneous equipment and advertising. The bands usually have their own equipment as far as instruments go, we simply arrange for the organized set up and removal of that equipment when needed. Naturally, it is usually better to have power provided by the event facility and sponsors are always a great way to provide assistance with other needs, but we make that as easy as possible and tax deductible.

So, whether you need live music for your next event or need help with your band, or wish to be informed when one of our shows is scheduled, please keep Catch 22 Productions in mind.


We are currently seeking sponsors to help us realize our goals. If you know someone that might like to become a sponsor or if you would like to become a sponsor please contact us.
Would you like to make a donation? Use it's painless. Send any amount to we will send you a tax deductible donation receipt. Or click the button for a secure link to our PayPal donation page.

We are offering to hang a 2ft X 3ft banner with your information at each of our shows through the summer 2011 call for details.

Catch 22 Productions, Inc
A Nonprofit Corporation
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